Who we are? What we do?
  • SMC is a team of experts with many years of experience in each segment of the services offered, with an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe.
  • We cooperate with reputable law firms, audit firms, specialists from various industries and experts in recruitment and executive search.
  • We help develop the business of manufacturing and distribution companies from Poland and Europe that offer the following assortment:
  • Toothpicks and snack sticksToothpicks and snack sticks
  • CutleryCutlery
  • Beverage strawsBeverage straws
  • CupsCups
  • Finger Food - Snack packagingFinger Food - Snack packaging
  • Trays, plates, bowls and flappersTrays, plates, bowls and flappers
  • Catering traysCatering trays
  • Containers, cups, bowls and consomme bowlsContainers, cups, bowls and consomme bowls
  • Menu boxes - lunch boxes, Food boxes - paper buckets, cardboard boxesMenu boxes - lunch boxes, Food boxes - paper buckets, cardboard boxes
  • Articles for bakingArticles for baking
  • Foils and dispensersFoils and dispensers
  • Plastic carrier bags, small and big paper bags, small and big bags Plastic carrier bags, small and big paper bags, small and big bags
  • Adhesive tapes, rubber bandsAdhesive tapes, rubber bands
  • 1,2,3 layer, decorative, premium napkins1,2,3 layer, decorative, premium napkins
  • Openwork napkins and rosettesOpenwork napkins and rosettes
  • Table decorationTable decoration
  • CandlesCandles
  • Disposable clothingDisposable clothing
  • Towels and dispensersTowels and dispensers
  • Wipes and dispensersWipes and dispensers
  • Toilet papers and dispensersToilet papers and dispensers
  • Soaps, fresheners and dispensersSoaps, fresheners and dispensers
  • Hygiene productsHygiene products
  • Decorative swizzle sticksDecorative swizzle sticks
  • Party candlesParty candles
  • Party decorationsParty decorations
  • Occasional sets (Birthday, BBQ party, Easter, Christmas)Occasional sets (Birthday, BBQ party, Easter, Christmas)
Where we work?

In our activities we focus primarily on the territory of Poland and the whole of Europe.
We also have agents cooperating with us in Dubai (UAE) and the Far East.

We provide services for foreign production and distribution companies that would like to develop sales in the Polish market.

We advise Polish manuacturers planning to expand in European markets.

Why are we doing this?

In the global economy, there is a growing exchange of goods and capital flows between companies from different countries and industries. No wonder that companies want to operate outside their local environment as well.

The expansion and internationalisation of the processes of organisation, production, exchange and capital flows are important for the development of any enterprise. However, this must be done in a conscious and considerate way.

Our long-standing experience in cooperation with international corporations and Polish family businesses shows that without committed and competent employees it is difficult to achieve business goals and without a transparent organizational culture, acquiring and maintaining the best co-workers in the company becomes a challenge.

We will prepare solutions tailored to your needs.

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Experience built up over the years
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Development of commercial activities

We offer commercial services to foreign companies that would like to develop sales in the Polish market and consultancy to Polish companies planning to expand in Europe’s markets.

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Outsourcing of production, packaging and printing

We search for business partners for outsourcing production, printing or packaging of individual sets. We assist in the drafting of contracts, technology transfer and quality control.

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Mergers and acquisitions

We support our customers in the process of building business value through integration of companies. We search for potential companies to acquire and prepare transaction strategies for mergers and acquisitions. We offer a comprehensive range of services for both buy-side and sell-side acquisition transactions.

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Multidimensional analysis of enterprises

In cooperation with reputable law firms we perform comprehensive analysis and valuation of enterprises, audit of acquired companies and provide legal and tax consultancy services.

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Logistics and supply chain

OWe develop, implement and monitor logistic  and supply chain projects by combining logistic expertise with the latest global technologies and geo-social data.

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Human resources management.

We offer support in the recruitment process and employer branding. Nowadays, the way a company is perceived in the labour market is of great importance for business development. Without committed and competent employees it is difficult to achieve business objectives.

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35 In that many countries we have implemented business development projects
5000000 We have driven that many kilometers to meet our customers.
14 We have completed that many M&A and Due Diligence projects
177 We have references from that many satisfied customers using at least one of our services
Experience built up over the years
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